Controlling Nonphysical Concepts

What’s in the Nonphysical Realm of Reality?

Just for clarification, the nonphysical realm of reality implies anything that you cannot directly see, touch, taste, smell, and hear with ALL of the five senses in physical reality; or anything on and beyond this planet which can be seen only with technology but is unable to be verified by mainstream science’s flawed scientific methods or through personal experience along with all the other four senses. Unfortunately, ANYTHING (ranging from unknown nonphysical information to more materialized things beyond direct personal experience) outside of your personal physical reality that you either don’t regularly focus on or believe in due to a simple lack of awareness or ignored things that conflict with your current belief system!

Control to Slow Evolutionary Change of Consciousness

In order for government and all those in power to control the population within the physical dimension of reality, any evidence leading to the existence of anything beyond the physical realm will be covered and buried; to control a population in the physical dimension of reality, the collective consciousness of the population must remain primarily focused on that dimension for it to continue functioning properly but with the abundant sharing of information in the age of the internet and advanced technology, those in power are slowly losing their grip on the minds of the population because they cannot keep information hidden as well as they did before the internet and advanced technology. The collective consciousness of Earth is now shifting more focus towards the nonphysical realm of reality and is why the physical economy of the U.S. is on the brink of collapsing!

Those in power would have you believe it is due primarily to diminishing oil resources but this is NOT true at all; we are discovering new sources of oil and natural gas quite frequently ( Those in power simply feed us this false information to support their price increases on gasoline and everything else which is designed to keep society financially struggling to focus on functioning in the physical dimension of reality. You may be wondering, “why would the government go to such lengths to control what we as a population know?”

The answer is simple, those in power fear the opposing concept of control, chaos; if they lose control, they fearfully assume that chaos is the only possible outcome! Not to mention, those in power benefit by keeping us under control to keep society functioning as it was originally designed for them to profit and persistently resist the inevitable evolutionary change of the world and collective consciousness! If those in power openly accepted and supported all these nonphysical concepts in our fast paced world of technology, the evolutionary change in consciousness would occur too quickly and cause the conscious mind a great deal of distress, so in a way, they are meant to slow this evolutionary change to the more nonphysical dimension of reality.

For example, it is the quick movement at the birth of a fully developed fetus from the more nonphysical dimension inside of the mother to the more physical dimension of reality that causes the baby’s distressing cry after being born; the baby is completely comfortable, safe and satisfied with its more nonphysical dimension of reality after having existed there for approximately nine months and within usually 24 hours the evolutionary change over to a more physical dimension of reality in such a short time relative to the time spent in the nonphysical realm causes confusion and distress, leading the baby to cry! Just as the baby experiences confusing and distressing events in such a short time relative to the time spent primarily living in the nonphysical dimension of reality before it moves through to the physical realm, we as a global consciousness will experience such events over a span of 5 – 10 years as the evolution of our consciousness moves us into the more nonphysical dimension of reality!

Now those in power resort to videos and articles posted by skeptics, or those who appear to be, attempting to debunk many of the new evidence or concepts that deal with things that focus on the nonphysical dimension of reality. However, some skeptics are good at debunking new evidence and concepts dealing with the nonphysical realm, ONLY because they have a whole arsenal of information collected over many centuries from the physical realm, while the supporters of new concepts and evidence dealing with the nonphysical realm have only obtained information over the past hundred years and are dealing with trying to prove things that mostly can’t be physically observed or seen with the naked eye! Remember that I mentioned that what is considered mostly the science of the mind, psychology began by studying only behavior because the mind (memory, thoughts, emotions, etc.) could not be physically observed and measured by a researcher through reproducible experimentation capable of being verified by other researchers using the five senses.

Inevitable Evolution of Consciousness

It wasn’t until our knowledge on all the physical aspects of humans became fully developed that we were capable of studying the nonphysical aspects of the human mind, but the evolution of our knowledge inevitably brought us to this point! We must fully understand the physical dimensions of reality before understanding the nonphysical dimensions of reality and there will always be those who are skeptic and resist new concepts and evidence of the nonphysical realm to slow down the quick evolutionary change that would occur from our exponentially increasing knowledge from our advancements in technology and we humans have been taught to focus solely on the physical dimension in order to better understand and function within a society of the physical world we live in.

This primary focus on the physical has ingrained in us the “I have to see it to believe it” attitude; but now that our comprehension about the physical dimension of reality is finally complete, unable to evolve any further and is generally understood by the collective mind of the human population, this attitude is weakening to allow more new concepts and evidence dealing with things in the nonphysical dimension of reality, which we once assumed nonexistent, unimportant or impossible, to begin becoming more common place and widely known to us, such as things dealing with subatomic particles, a collective consciousness, subtle forms of energy that are all around us, auras (; and how it’s possible that the emotionally charged thoughts of human consciousness can send out frequency signals capable of attracting and manifesting into physical reality what is continuously focused on in the nonphysical reality of the conscious mind!


Now we can begin to delve into the law of attraction and what it can do for you!


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