Letter to European Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre

Dear Jean-Paul Sartre,


I believe you are wrong in your proposition that God does not exist; and therefore we are abandoned in this world. I acknowledge that God may have no accurate representation here on Earth, but this is not to say God does not exist. You claim that there is no such thing as a specific essence that defines what it is to be human, yet you claim that in inventing our own values we act as universal legislators of right and wrong for all of mankind; does this not mean that the ability to create standards of right and wrong is an essence common to all humans. All humans have the ability to morally reason and love, whether individuals fail to exercise this ability in any defense does not change that all healthy people are initially created with these capabilities. My brother-in-law’s son has a learning disability due to my brother-in-law’s wife taking too many nerve pills, but he still exercises his ability to love and, to a slightly lesser extent, morally reason; he remembers what not to touch when he is disciplined for touching it. The most selfish and uncaring person still maintains the abilities to love and morally reason whether he or she exercises those abilities or not. You also claim that nothing forces us to do what we do, but there have been times when certain circumstances force me to decide or behave in ways that I would not have if the situation did not exist.

My proposition is that God must exist on the premise that something cannot be created without a creator; if every single human on this Earth disappeared right now, there would not be a way for something as complex as a human to be created without the pre-existence of at least two humans, a man and a woman, or God. For our galaxy to burst into existence as science’s Big Bang Theory purports, something had to have created it; if these physical laws exist as the Atomists maintain, who created these laws? Just as humans create laws that dictate right and wrong here on Earth, there must be a creator of the galaxy’s physical laws as well. However, since physical laws have been created and many of them proven to exist, we must conclude that only a creator can create such laws. The complex nature of creation is shared by every species, but humans have dominated this process. Of any species on Earth, humans possess the greatest ability to create which is evident by industrialized societies, advancements in gene manipulation, human overpopulation, and decreasing habitats for other species; perhaps the common essence of all humans is complex creation.



                                                                                              Clark Graham


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