Reality (Physical/Nonphysical)

Hopefully this video destroys your classical Newtonian view of physics and allows the concepts of Quantum Physics to redefine what we thought we knew about reality. As this video demonstrates, particles of “matter” are not truly solid clumps of matter behaving according to the physics of Newton; the video shows how particles of “matter” behave like waves when there is no observer or observation device. As soon as Dr. Quantum introduced a device for observing the particle’s behavior when moving through the slits the particles began behaving like the traditional clumps of matter particles that we have been socialized to visually know; producing only two bands on the back board. This occurs simply because the observation device allows the beliefs and expectations of the scientists to influence the behavior of the particles.

When the scientists did not observe the particles traveling through the slits, the particles acted in a wave-like manner and produced an interference pattern of many bands on the back board. When it was observed which slits the particles traveled through, the particles went back to behaving how we expected based on our materialistically physical understanding of particles as solid clumps of matter.


The sheer act of observation is enough to alter the behavior of particles through our beliefs and expectations about the fundamental behavior of those particles. When we aren’t narrowly focused on fixing the structure of particles in reality, the particles naturally behave like waves. Instead of one particle being in only one place at one time, the particle is more like a little ball of energy that bounces off of itself as it moves through the space within reality, thereby allowing it to be in many places simultaneously.

Whereas we once viewed particles as tiny little microscopic balls of matter, we are finding that the most basic elements of a particle, down to the smallest atom, is not actually solid or physical in any way; the electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom has now been proven to pop in and out of existence instead of following a neat trajectory around the atom. So the most basic particles out of which we are made, in fact out of which everything is made, are not actually solid and fixed constantly in physical reality.

As humans, we exist as both physical and nonphysical entities within the realms of reality; as a materialistically capitalist society we have maintained focus only on what could be physically observed with the 5 senses. Now that we have mastered our understanding of the physical realm, we need to redirect our attention to the nonphysical, yet very existent, realm of reality.

The most fundamental particles which everything on this planet is made from are not physical in nature; you are not physical, the computer in front of you is not physical, … any and all living and nonliving things are not solid, though they feel very firm. However, you and these other things may be physical to the touch as is apparent but there is a nonphysical structure which gives rise to its material existence in the physical realm of reality. Take the human being for example: humans are definitely physically constructed creatures but they are also nonphysical creatures, maybe even more so. Your mind, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, expectations, knowledge, experiences, etc…, the very foundational structures that form the basis of the person you are, are all nonphysical and very crucial aspects in developing a socially mature self. The most important part of a person is their nonphysical mind which dictates to one’s self and others what kind of person he or she is!

Do not let the term nonphysical bring with it the implication that nonphysical means nonexistent; for example, unless it is a job specialization, nobody physically deals with frequency waves or cellular behavior in the blood stream without technologically specialized equipment. The average person goes their whole life believing and endorsing these two concepts without ever observing their direct behavior in physical reality first-hand; these two concepts can be spoken of as existing in a nonphysical or imaginal realm of existence, a realm of existence only able to be grasped conceptually by a person’s imagination (concepts in this realm either have none or a very very small amount of material existence in physical reality).

Both realms of reality exist, physical/nonphysical, and could not be in existence if the other did not exist as a complementary state of reality; without the physical there could be no nonphysical realm of reality and vice-a-vise; they require one another to have any condition of existence in reality. Both are real dimensions of reality that comprise the structure of physical reality perceived by the five senses; at every edge all around that structure in physical reality lies a nonphysical fabric of reality lining the object’s existence.

The next page under this reality section of my blog will address the “I have to see it to believe it” attitude that is common among people in materialistic cultures.


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