Negativity Analysis

Both our positive and negative emotions allow us to know what we are thinking about at the moment and an internal conflict can prevent us from manifesting our desires but can be recognized and resolved using the negativity analysis exercise:

1. Perform the negativity analysis when you are feeling particularly sad, angry, depressed, anxious, etc. Find a quiet place to perform the negativity analysis, far away from noise and the many distractions of daily living.

2. Sit down and ask yourself: why am I unhappy? What is making me unhappy at this moment? Identify the emotion and SAY IT OUT LOUD. If you are angry at someone say “I am extremely angry right now because ___________ ” If you are sad, say “I feel depressed right now because  _____________” — Identify the emotion and the cause of the emotion if you can!

3. Now that you have correctly identified the negative emotion, don’t discard it just yet. Like a pet, keep the negative emotion with you as you sit down. Embrace the negative emotion and look at it in the eye. What does this negative emotion look like? Describe the source of your unhappiness in visual terms like size, shape, color, texture or even smell.

4. As you recognize the appearance of the negative emotion or experience, you will slowly feel a monumental change. The negative emotion will slowly subside. It will slowly shimmer and lose form and in a few moments, it will disappear completely. Before the emotion can disappear, you must hold it close and just let it speak to you. You must learn from what it is trying to communicate to you!


Here are some guidelines for dealing with strong negative emotions and unhappiness you feel totally drowned in and hopeless to resolve:

1. ACKNOWLEDGE the strong negative emotion; acknowledgement is just as strong as thankfulness and forgiveness because at the moment that you directly acknowledge something negative, it loses its grip on you and you become more powerful than the negative emotion. Acknowledgement is synonymous to saying “I have my eyes on you now, you have been warned”.

2. DON’T fight or resist against negative emotions, they will gain more power over you because this is their essence; strife, anger, resentment, etc. For example, when you fight or resist against someone, this negative behavior is done with anger and frustration. Fighting and resisting against negative emotions is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

3. Have you ever tried burying bad thoughts and emotions? What happened after a while? Did the emotional thought completely disappear or did it reoccur after a few days, weeks or months?  Chances are, your mind will continually remind you of what you have temporarily buried or forgotten. If you truly want to become free from strong negative emotional thoughts, it is important that you face the negativity directly and consciously feel it for the first time.

Don’t ignore it; simply embrace it. Learn from the negativity and it will let go of you on its own. Do you see the big difference? When you fight negative emotions, they don’t go away and these emotions might become worse. If you embrace negative emotions to learn from them, they have no reason to stay anymore and so they disappear.

4. After acknowledging a strong negative presence in your life and it has finally disappeared, you must replace the negative emotion with positive thoughts and emotions. This will get you back on track immediately.

5. Becoming aware of thoughts that may not be that negative but aren’t supportive of what you are trying to manifest NEED to be purposely switched to a more positive thought to improve your ways of thinking! For example, if you are thinking “I have so much debt that I can’t even see the end of this,” purposely switch it to thinking “I have so much money coming in!” This purposeful switch in emotional thought will begin attracting a positive change that will slowly address your existing problems. The universe is abundant in every way so there is no reason to keep attracting bad things instead of abundance.

It is also important to identify common negative phrases that you repeat to yourself throughout the day; these phrases usually begin with “I never have enough __________”:

  • “I never have enough money”
  • “I never have enough time”
  • “I never have enough chances to move up in life”
  • “I never have enough time with my family”
  • “I never have enough time for myself”
  • “I never have enough extra time to exercise and eat well”
  • “I never have enough time for the things that matter to me the most in life”

If you actually begin believing all these negative phrases and emotional thoughts, you will start attracting these types of negative conditions into your life. These negative phrases will leave you with no source of motivation to actively receive the positive things that you desire in life! A simple way to reverse this downward spiral is to replace “I never have enough _________” with “I always have enough ___________”:

  • “I always have enough money”
  • “I always have enough time”
  • “I always have enough chances to move up in life”
  • “I always have enough time with my family”
  • “I always have enough time for myself”
  • “I always have enough time to exercise and eat well”
  • “I always have enough time for the things that matter most to me in life”

At first, this may seem like you’re lying to yourself but the mind is designed to lie to itself about negative thoughts that are constantly avoided to prevent us from always feeling negative and depressed, so why not use this lying mechanism to encourage more positive thinking. By the way, if you don’t believe you lie to yourself, research the mind’s defense mechanisms by visiting this site:

6. There is nothing worse than the negative feeling that you are a victim; that a severe injustice has been done against you and that you are powerless to correct it. DO NOT let this feeling of being a victim linger because there is NOTHING to gain from negatively dwelling in the past; the past is the past and there’s nothing you can do to change it, you can ONLY change the way you feel about it now.

You MUST forgive (Next Section: “Forgiveness is ESSENTIAL”) and let go of your hold on this negative feeling of being a victim because the longer it stays in your mind and heart, the more power it gains over time. Negative emotion feeds off of your energy and explains why pessimists are usually so fatigued and worn out most of the time.

So how does one let go of this feeling of being a victim? First, you NEED to understand that when you feel like a victim, you are actually accepting a new role in your life that you did not previously experience before, which requires you to have to learn to think like a victim, act like a victim, etc. In other words, you unconsciously accept a negative role in life and you likely don’t even recognize that you are accepting this role at all!

Accepting the role of a victim is comparable to going into a deep slumber. Your thoughts are not clear and there are only brief moments that your conscious thought is able to pierce through the dark, foggy veil of unconscious thought; this also causes your control over your thoughts and emotions to be impaired significantly. Accepting this role of a victim sends out frequency signals of being a helpless victim and will attract to you more situations that will confirm your new role as a victim!

To resolve this problem, all you have to do is to finally acknowledge the feeling of being a victim. After acknowledging, embrace the feeling and let it evaporate slowly (Use the exercise described at the beginning of this page); adding a fifth step to visualize that you are now waking up to a new, beautiful day. The storm has passed and you are no longer a victim. You are no longer powerless. You are now very powerful because you have taken back the power that was rightfully yours to begin with. You are powerful because you have already learned how to acknowledge unhappiness so that it will release itself on its own.

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