For those who don’t believe in a God, higher power, cosmic consciousness, etc., or whatever label you prefer, allow me to explain why. Just as we anthropomorphize animal characters in children’s movies by giving them human characteristics, desires and emotions, Western religion has done the same thing to the concept of God. Our minds seek to understand everything in terms of its relation to the human form and this allows us to better develop mental images to understand abstract concepts that may escape our full comprehension, God being one of the most abstract concepts of all.

The mind develops expectations as a way to better predict future situations so as to lessen our uncertainty and anxiety about future experiences; for example, if I tell you to describe to me what you see immediately after I say the word classroom, you will likely describe an image of a room with a black or green chalk board, small student desks in some type of overall arrangement, a larger teacher’s desk and so forth; when I say the word lecture hall, the image of rows of stadium seating all facing toward a stage upon which a podium with a microphone sits for the speaker or some variation of this comes to mind.

Now, when I say the word God, many Westerners have an image of a Caucasian male that is old and bald with a white beard and robe. This human image of such an abstract concept as God is what turns people’s minds away from the idea that this is an actual representation of God, creating Atheistic beliefs. We are giving human qualities to that which is beyond human and it is justified by religion in the teaching that we humans were made in the “literal” image of God; this thinking provides the logic that if we were made in the image of God, then the image of God must be human.

However, many that think of God in this way do not realize why they may fear death and question against faith what happens after. It is taught that God knows all, sees all and hears all that is happening at this very moment but your logical brain questions that if this is true, how can this image of a human being accomplish this? No matter how hard it is tried to be rationalized to the self of those who hold this image of God, placing the form of a human body on the concept of God and believing this image accurate conflicts with the fact that it is also believed that God knows all, sees all and hears all.

If yours and every other person you knows human body cannot accomplish this task, how can you truly believe this anthropomorphized image of God to be true? Simply because religion says it is so? That answer is not good enough for the rational aspect of the human mind and brain, causing the questioning of God and whether God even exists, leading to Atheism. It is not just a coincidence that Atheism is more prominent in Western culture.

Now, Atheists come to rely on science instead of religion for their interpretations of what reality is all about, but most Atheists are just as guilty in blindly accepting classical scientific beliefs without question as those who blindly accept Western religion’s classical spiritual beliefs, without staying current on the new sciences being developed, such as Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics has proven that science has never been truly objective because the beliefs and expectations of the observers effect the outcomes of experiments based on what the researcher is looking for and expecting to see (watch the first video embedded in the section “The Secret Power”). So, Quantum Physics has put science and religion back in the same boat, neither science or religion is truly objective and both are actually subjective and objective in different aspects within both fields of expertise (see section “Ditching Dualism” for more thorough explanation about the changing of science and religion). Quantum Physics has also led to the blending of science and religion into a single field, Scientology.

Personal Belief of a Cosmic Consciousness

I believe in God but since this term has been anthropomorphized and so deeply ingrained in the Western society’s collective belief system, I prefer to use the term of a cosmic consciousness or a higher power more often as they effectively allow for the abstraction of such a grand concept, but I will continue to use God when referencing the past beliefs associated with God.

Now, just because I am expressing my belief here is not implying that I believe my interpretation to be the ultimate and accurate representation of a cosmic consciousness or a higher power, just how I view the whole grand scheme of things. I am simply expressing my belief in order to give those who are Atheistic an opportunity to view things in a more spiritually connected and ordered manner with a scientific interpretation.

Now if you are Atheistic, I know you are still skeptical that there is a cosmic consciousness and purpose to life. Allow me to begin by offering up a personal experience I once had with an Atheistic friend; one night, we were discussing science and life when she suddenly claimed that “humans find order in things where there is no order.” I realized right away that she was expressing a classical Newtonian scientific belief. “There is no purpose to life, everything is simply random events,” she said. I thought for a second and responded to her with a question, “So, the universe has no order and the planets simply move around randomly?”

Realizing that she could not explain away that there was order in the universe, she was suddenly at a loss for words and claimed “Well, it’s no fair, you have a higher education than I do and I just can’t think of how to explain my point of view against what you said.” She couldn’t debate my logic because subconsciously she knew what I said was true, that there is order in the Universe and life isn’t randomly happening as it appears.

Realizing There is Order

The only beings on this planet that create complex laws to ensure order for the purpose of sustaining life are conscious minded humans; therefore, a cosmic consciousness would have to maintain such complex laws as gravity and attraction, otherwise how would the planets know to obey such laws?

Sometimes we can’t see beyond ourselves and the beliefs of others we have blindly adopted to find that there is order and purpose to life; it is easier to think that things are just random than investigate into how everything can be connected which is much more difficult as it requires holistic thinking; holistic thinking is a right brain function and our society and classical science encourages left brain thinking!

Now if it is said that God knows all, sees all and hears all, wouldn’t it make more sense if this cosmic consciousness was a subtle field of energy that was capable of storing information and encompassed and interpenetrated every part of existence within and beyond our Universe? This would explain how the planets know to obey such laws as gravity and attraction because the mathematical laws are stored in this energy field of cosmic consciousness which the planets are moving through.

This would mean that God would truly be a part of us all and that we would all be connected through this cosmic consciousness. This would also explain how we were created in the image of God, the image of consciousness which every human is endowed with! These are just some of the basic tenets that thinking about God as a subtle energy field of cosmic consciousness resolves, as well as resolving how planets know to obey the mathematically Universal laws of gravity and attraction to maintain order for the purpose of sustaining life in the Universe; if there were no order in the Universe, there would be consistent chaotic conditions of which life could not thrive in. For example, without the order and structure of traffic lights in society there would likely be chaos and more deaths which would be detrimental to life being able to thrive.

Without Order and Purpose

The only downside to thinking that everything in life is just random and has no purpose is the state of depression that is most often associated with Atheism, no matter how well some seem to hide it ( My personal experiences with my Atheistic friend showed me how hopeless and negative she truly was. Without belief in a purpose to life there is often no hope as death is seen as an impending doomed fate which we all shall suffer and perish. However, if a person practicing atheism believes in reincarnation, then such depression is remedied by believing there is something more after death; it is the doomed fate that the end at death presents which leads to the well hidden and repressed state of depression that becomes more apparent to him or her as death draws nearer.


Reincarnation is mainly a concept of Eastern religious philosophy but it is also referenced slightly in Western religious philosophy as well. There is no need to believe in a deity that passes judgment which grants people passage into a desired afterlife; it works on the polarity of your actions in this life. The more positive your actions in this life, the more desirable your next life will be while the more negative your actions in this life, the less desirable your next life will be; this is the concept of karma. This concept of karmic action is more scientific and less superstitious and speculative as it can be observed operating in people’s lives; when a person does a good deed and “spontaneously” receives a good circumstance in his or her life, we have witnessed karma in action!

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