Routine Society

To comprehend why change may be unconsciously believed to be harmful and leaving you unaware of this belief, it is important to understand that constantly rapid change is occurring globally on every level of reality; the very spinning and orbiting of the earth within the universe means that your position in space and time is always changing, although we aren’t consciously feeling it, we are unconsciously aware of it (just like how we are unconsciously aware of the fear of death and choose to not focus constant attention on it). People, plants, and animals are constantly in a state of being born, changing every second in growing older and dying; in your body biological molecules, cells and tissues are constantly in the process of being created, changed and/or eliminated as waste.

Western society of the 1900’s and prior was in a constant state of change into the society you see and experience today. Here’s a thinker and if it confuses you simply move on without focusing on it (simply understand vast amounts of change are constantly occurring): there is actually no such thing as the present time because every second that passes moves into the past and time is continuously moving into the future. The concept of the “present” time was created to provide a sense of stability for an ever-changing reality in the world.

For example, 2:47:26 (hours: minutes: seconds) would be considered the “present” time but it only lasts until time reaches 2:47:27; so, what is considered the “present” (2:47:26) only lasts for a second until it moves into the past and the next second of the future (2:47:27) arrives, which then only lasts a second before disappearing into the past when the next second of the future arrives. We are constantly moving in time from the past into the future, explaining why it is so difficult for most people to be consciously aware of the “present”. This also explains why people feel so rushed in their daily lives because there is never a moment in time that stops which can truly be considered the present time; ever heard someone use the phrase, “I feel like I have just been going nonstop all day” or some variation of it? As long as the Earth is rotating, everything is in a constant state of evolutionary change, always moving forward into the future and never standing still. This also explains why your thoughts continue flowing in the form of dreams without ever stopping, whether you remember them or not.

The Need to Control

Now, due to this rapid constant state of change, we have the human need for stability and certainty, causing us the necessity of exerting complete control over the things in our lives that we can regulate.

Constant and immediate change in our society is viewed as harmful to the automatically functioning structures put in place to keep everything operating smoothly and effectively without the constant need for immediate conscious attention on every detailed complexity of living, also translating over to the lives of individuals, hence routine and habit. This constantly unavoidable change is what leads society and us to our need for exerting control over the things in our environments that we can prevent from changing to provide a sense of stability in our lives, such as daily routines which cause habitual behaviors and dominant emotional patterns, or pervading moods which influence constant cycles of thought, emotion, and behavior.

The message society sends out to us is that immediate and constant change is harmful to the certainty and stability of effectively functioning in our lives, heavily influencing the individual’s view that change cannot be enjoyable if it is harmful to effective and stable functioning in their life, causing avoidant behavior toward change. However, it is important to remember that our need to exert control over change is due to many constant changes that we are unable to prevent but no matter how hard society works to prevent change, it is inevitable and apparent through controlled change in the continuous passing of laws to retain consistent order and operation in the face of change.

Many of you desire change but place more value on control for the fear that change will bring about unknown instability, leaving you stuck in the same old routines and habits of thinking, feeling and acting; it is not so much the fear of change as it is the fear of the unknown that change brings about. Just as society makes smaller controlled alterations in laws to allow inevitable change to occur, you can also make smaller controlled alterations in thinking and feeling that do not have to be believed harmful or feared, and will allow the inevitable change of life to occur more smoothly and enjoyably in your life. You have to ask yourself, “Are those same old habits and routines making your life how you want it to be or do you want change?”

If you want change, it’s going to take some change in your belief system but don’t worry, it will not change the foundation of your system as to whether you believe in God or not, only the beliefs on how you influence, interact and create your everyday physical reality with your mind.

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  1. BASHAR states that change is the only constant which would agree with your statements but states that in true reality that time is an illusion. There is only NOW and we are shifting from reality to reality which gives an illusion of time.

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