Law of Attraction

Do you feel like everything always goes wrong in your life, or when things seem to finally be going your way, things begin to get bad again, then it gets good again for a while, then it gets bad again and you have to endure these cycles of emotional ups and downs in your life?

This concerns the law of attraction, a scientifically verified law of the universe, like gravity, and it is always operating in your life whether you understand it or not but unlike gravity, the law of attraction will only work for you if you know how it functions; it concerns how your constant and predominate ways of thinking and feeling attract to you the things that come into your life by virtue of your mind and emotions! This is NOT pseudoscience people, it is FACT!

As I have just become a certified practitioner in the law of attraction, I will be providing information on how your constant, emotionally charged thoughts and mental images attract everything you are currently experiencing right now in your life (personal health, financial status, people, jobs, opportunities and circumstances); I will be providing the needed understanding and begin with a very simple exercise to shift your automatic negative perceptions of lack in your life to more positive perceptions on the abundance already present in your life.

The law of attraction is MUCH more powerful than “methods” or “techniques” for getting wealthy, healthy, etc.!

The Law of Attraction can provide:

  • A truly happy and content life
  • Perfect Health (or as close to perfect as possible)
  • The ability to achieve whatever you want in life
  • The ability to become who you wish to become in this life
  • The ability to manifest both small successes and big successes-without limitation
  • All the success that you want (in personal relationships, finances, etc.)
  • The ability to overcome present and future obstacles/hindrances in life
  • The ability to manifest miracles in your daily life
  • The ability to manifest healing in every aspect of your life, both physical and spiritual
  • The infinite source of individual wisdom and internal guidance every person needs to survive in harsh times and succeed in more positive, opportune times

At first blush these claims may seem completely outlandish and way too good to be true but I PROMISE you these are not false claims to those ready to dedicate themselves to learning the principles of the law of attraction to operate effectively within the rules and dimensions of this law. I WILL become living proof of its ability to make these claims in stating that “I WILL walk within the next 10 years” (probably in MUCH less time but I want to make sure I set such a spectacular goal in realistic terms to avoid any possible disappointment); I have not had this much will power and motivation to achieve this since I was five years old and a front page news story (See Section: “About Me” for information on my condition and history).

Resistance to the idea that you can attract the things you desire in life by mentally invoking the principles of this law will dampen your results. Begin reminding yourself on a regular basis that your thoughts are shaping your reality to break past any resistance that may be stored in your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind (imagine the inability of a coma patient to shape their reality without the mind’s thoughts). If you would like to even understand these three aspects of the mind there is a wealth of personally written information, which I wrote during the time I was earning my psychology degree, under the section “Psychology Corner” but focus on this section for now because understanding these three aspects of the mind is not needed to comprehend this material and apply the associated information.

If you’re more of a visual learner and would like to watch a documentary on these principles of the law of attraction in addition to reading all of the information I provide in the following subsections, the film “The Secret” is a great place to begin and there are many others you can acquire to further your knowledge on the law of attraction, both publications and films.

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