The Mind’s Reality

This website is going to act as a portal to elusive and contradictory information concerning the mind, body, and reality (physical/nonphysical). The question may come to mind, “why should I care about these things, or how do they involve me?”

There are four reasons for becoming aware of these three aspects:

First, they are an important and vital aspect of every human’s life experience.

Second, the influence of our western culture has caused us to focus on a single aspect of reality, mainly materialism (the physical/belief in what can only be observed); accomplished by having us work for paper to trade for material goods, where our ego’s determine how well we feel about ourselves based on how good our stuff is compared to other people’s stuff.

Third, most people assume that speaking of a nonphysical realm implies that it is non-existent but the 100 year old discipline of Quantum Physics has provided us with experimental evidence that this isn’t the case. It appears as though while the physically observable realm of existence is filled with all kinds of things that are solidly fixed in place, the nonphysical realm of existence is more energetically fluid and wavy-like where all the possibilities exist for those fixed and solid things we experience with our five senses (also the realm where mind exists). A little hard to follow? Just as you cannot touch, smell, see, taste, or hear the nonphysical force of gravity in constant action doesn’t mean it’s non-existent; researching its effects on solid objects in the physical realm of existence has allowed us to become aware and understand the laws of this nonphysical, invisible energy field encompassing the entire universe; the same applies to the law of attraction, which is a required dimension for the law of gravity to operate. These laws of the universe are very subtle energies and exist within a nonphysical dimension of reality (a dimension where the mathematical concepts that guide the behaviors of these laws are stored) that’s all around us all the time but unable to be physically perceived.

If you didn’t quite get that last paragraph, DON’T worry one bit, even brilliant quantum physicists were scratching their heads when they discovered this information; just聽simply continue on and wait to watch the five minute video of world renowned physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf a.k.a. Dr. Quantum explain and show you the experiment that supports the above information which is embedded in the next section labeled “The Secret Power.”

The fourth and final most important reason is that once you fully comprehend and believe all this information, your perception of what is TRULY possible in your life WILL change!

I would GREATLY appreciate that all following comments and discussions act as only that; discussions! There is no wrong or right, both of which pragmatic philosophy has determined are not absolute concepts anyways! I would TRULY appreciate if all responses are courteous and thought-provoking! Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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    • I have just added my first new page in a long while and I apologize; I had no idea this many people were following my blog because wordpress was spamming them all! More to come for sure now!

  2. Appreciation to my father who stated to me regarding this website, this
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    • I have just added my first new page in a long while and I apologize; I had no idea this many people were following my blog because wordpress was spamming them all! More to come for sure now!

      Glad my knowledge of information is beneficial to so many!

  3. Site is about to be redesigned to include the mechanics of the law of attraction as I am now a certified practitioner!

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  7. It has recently come to my attention that under the section Psychology Corner I inadvertently posted an article called “Models of Abnormality” as my own. When I was in class I used to copy and paste portions of my textbook into word documents for more concise printing to conserve ink and paper.

    When copying and pasting my assignments onto my WordPress blog, I accidentally posted “Models of Abnormality”, thinking it was one of my originally written assignments. I did not intend to plagiarize and find no satisfaction in taking credit for the work of others. I sincerely apologize to Professor Comer for this mistake and if one checks my other assignments, he or she will see that I have given Professor Comer credit in my citations for the information I used in my original assignments.

    In fact, I envy the student who brought this to my attention for being able to study directly under someone as brilliant as Professor Comer.

    I am going to go through each article under psychology corner to make sure this didn’t happen anywhere else but if I happen to miss any mistakes like this, please let me know and I will take it down immediately!

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