Faith and Patience

Now, once you have read all the information in all the previous sections, have comprehended it, FULLY accepted it, absorbed it, TRULY believe it and have put forth adequate effort into the exercises, we come to the last important part of making the law of attraction work for you: maintaining faith and having patience! On the previous page, I mentioned that the many great minds of our times didn’t know how they were going to do what they did, they just knew they were going to do it; allow me to share a personal experience to illustrate this:


After getting into understanding, utilizing and becoming a licensed practitioner in the law of attraction for about 3 – 6 months, I began thinking more about what I wanted rather than what I didn’t want and I didn’t even need to write this desire down to make it happen.

I knew I wanted to quit smoking cigarettes, I didn’t know how I was going to do it but after successfully quitting weed, alcohol, prescriptions to Adderall and nerve pills, I was faithful in knowing that I could do it. One night between midnight and 1:00 am, I was lying in bed when I suddenly had an inspirational idea about how to construct a certain page on this section of my website. The inspiration motivated me to take action and get out of bed to begin working on it through the night.

This night of working on my website threw my sleep schedule off and I could not get it back to the average person’s sleep schedule (awake during the day and sleeping at night). I began to get frustrated after the second or third night of trying to get back to the “normal” sleep schedule; I even tried taking Tylenol PM one night to fall asleep but that effort failed as well. Rather than getting caught up in the negative emotion, the frustration allowed me to assess why this might be happening; I began questioning myself as to why this could possibly be happening, running through recent events as the possible causes of emotional distress keeping me awake.

After the 3rd or 4th night, I realized that since my urges to smoke cigarettes were less at night because my body was usually asleep, through the use of inspired action to work on my website that one night my subconscious flipped my sleep schedule so that I sleep during the day when I am most likely to smoke more.

Now, the only thing I knew that needed to happen in order for me to quit smoking cigarettes was that I needed to smoke less so that I could gradually and eventually quit; quitting cold turkey is very stressful on the body, causing mood swings and increased emotional eating. My mind has setup the necessary situations for this to happen and I am still in the middle of the process; I have effectively cut my smoking down to electronic cigarettes. I no longer have the urge to smoke traditional cigarettes that are harmful in providing tar and pesticides. Eventually, I will cease using the electronic cigarette as well!


What truly allowed my desire for quitting smoking to manifest was that it was a small part of two other larger desires; my desire to be healthy and to save money.

Like I stated previously, the law of attraction is NOT a source of instant happiness and satisfaction, it takes time and REQUIRES your patience; if you lack the patience in manifesting your desires you will begin to doubt that it works and lose your faith that your every desire is in the making and on its way!

The positive frequency signals of your desires are instantly received and sent back to your mind but what makes it take time to manifest in your reality is that it has to make alterations within the entire physical reality necessary for the circumstances to provide you with the opportunities to make those changes which, for example, may include subtle changes in the lives of others to bring them to you at the most opportune times; for example, my desire to have and save more money brought three different people into my life that wanted me to work on their computers!

There are many physical factors that may need to be affected and altered, so KEEP your FAITH and have PATIENCE in KNOWING for certain that the physical changes are being slowly altered to make your desires manifest that will attract the reality you are CONSTANTLY focusing on with your emotional thoughts.

Another important factor is continuing to be grateful once you have manifested your desire; be TRULY grateful for it so that you will continue to receive more. When you are grateful and patient about something you have manifested in your life, you attract nothing but more positive things into your life – because these are necessary mindsets that literally feed the law of attraction.

You also need to be patient because as you ask the Universe for more and more complex desires, you also have to take into account that before something big can take place for you, certain events have to take place and certain structures have to be put in place before the outcome is finally achieved. Complex desires may take longer to actively manifest, but that doesn’t mean that those desires are not yet on their way. Since attracting desires is a skill, it’s good to practice with less complex desires which can be achieved in a short time to build up your confidence and faith in your ability to manifest the reality you desire.

It could take weeks, months or even years depending on the desire you want to manifest and the amount of determination (time, action and energy) you put forth, but you MUST be patient in order to retain your sense of TRUE faith!

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