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The Mind’s Reality

This blog is going to act as a portal to elusive and contradictory information concerning the mind, body, and reality (physical/nonphysical). The question may come to mind, “why should I care about these things, or how do they involve me?”

There are three reasons:

First, they are an aspect of every human’s life experience.

Second, the influence of our western culture has caused us to focus on a single aspect of reality, mainly materialism (the physical/belief in what can only be observed); accomplished by having us work for paper to trade for material goods, where our ego’s determine how well we feel about ourselves based on how good our stuff is compared to other people’s stuff.

Third and final, most people assume that speaking of a nonphysical realm implies that it is non-existent but the 100 year old discipline of Quantum Physics has provided us with experimental evidence that this isn’t the case. It appears as though while the physically observable realm of existence is filled with all kinds of things that are fixed in place, the nonphysical realm of existence is more fluid and wavy-like where all the possibilities exist for those fixed things we see. Visit this link to view world renowned physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, a.k.a. Dr. Quantum explaining this Newtonian-shattering experiment: