Cause of Focus

Medicine for What We Don’t Want

Good ole Western medicine has developed by classifying and treating symptomology but the symptoms (behavior, pain, etc.) are simply the effects of an underlying cause that usually goes unnoticed and unexplored, hence the multitude of various medications advertised to treat symptoms with a list of side-effects of other new symptoms. For instance, during the time earning my psychology degree, I learned that treatment of any psychological disorder should be a combined approach of biological (symptom treatment with medicine), cognitive (restructuring emotional thought patterns) and behavioral (altering patterns of self-destructive behavior) therapies; this is so that cognitive and behavioral therapies may resolve any mental and emotional instability issues leading to self-destructive behaviors to allow biological medication treatment to possibly cease in the future due to any potential negative health effects from using any medication over the long-term.

For example, all the following medications are used to treat the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by forcing changes in biochemistry that cover symptoms and can cause other harmful effects with prolonged use (

Personal Experience with Symptom Treatment Only

However, my psychiatrist is perfectly content with simply writing prescriptions for my ADD without any other form of treatment and he is not the only psychiatrist that I have witnessed doing this; if they were to incorporate the other two forms of treatment, patients may have their underlying issue resolved and no longer need to come pay them for treatment. I have taken myself off of the medication and used the law of attraction to inspire my emotional thoughts and behavioral choices instead of a stimulant with potential negative health effects. All is going well too because I am restructuring this site in light of reading new information so it would appear I didn’t truly need it anyways.

If Western medicine’s true goal was to completely heal or cure people and was successful in this pursuit by healing everyone seeking medical attention, what would they do once they cured everyone; there would be a significant decrease in profits and employment opportunities which would cause a major collapse in the economic system. Unfortunately, the grim reality is that if there is no repeat business, there is no income and no resources to continue to financially support the entire occupational profession; by treating only symptoms instead of addressing the underlying cause, the medical profession creates repeat business and the resources to keep it financially functioning within the economy.

So, society has influenced us to focus on what we don’t want (treating symptoms of underlying cause) instead of on what we do want (treating the underlying cause). This is also why you see so many lawsuits against a multitude of medications because they have caused other negative health symptoms; the medicines are considered the treatment for the underlying cause and patients maintain a steady regimen of meds to treat only the symptoms which never make the underlying cause any better, simply causing more health issues, some worse than the original symptoms.

So now that you understand how this has negatively influenced our society’s way of thinking and approaching physical reality, we need to understand just how “physical” reality is. To truly understand the law of attraction, some knowledge about energy, dualism and the true nature of conscious reality is needed. Everybody knows that Einstein was the greatest scientist that ever lived but no one truly understands why…

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