Not JUST Positive Thinking

Up to this point, we have strongly focused on how the law of attraction, through your emotional thoughts and expectations (if you DON’T EXPECT the law to work for you, it won’t) influence and create your reality, but this alone will not attract the things you desire; all that information was simply the first step to becoming fully aware of the law, how it functions and how it interacts with you to redefine what you believe is possible so that the second step, determination can be carried out effortlessly with full faith and strong motivation in KNOWING you CAN obtain your greatest desires.

So, what is this second step of determination all about? Well, it’s simply the combination of time, energy and action along with this new understanding from all this provided information. You can’t just read the previous information and expect to wishfully or positively think your desires into reality, that’s just unrealistic!

Even gravity requires determination before it can act on you; for example, you must consciously decide to step off the top of a building before it pulls you to the ground. The person stepping off the building has to take the time to consider reason for doing it, use energy to motivate their self to take the time to climb to the top of the building and then take conscious action to step off the building before gravity acts on what he or she desires and pulls them to the ground. Kind of a grim example, I know, but you see the conscious determination required before this invisible force can act upon your own actions? The law of attraction is no different!

However, the determination required for the law of attraction takes MUCH less effort once you fully comprehend and believe WITHOUT a doubt all of the previously provided information; if you still have the slightest doubt, keep rereading the previous sections and continue reminding yourself that your mind creates your reality! Think about what life would be like with a body that possesses no mind; you would essentially be a coma patient incapable of creating your life with a bedridden body because the MIND is what CREATES EVERYTHING IN YOUR REALITY!

If you still have many doubts at this point, I suggest stopping here and keep rereading the previously provided information starting with the section “The Secret Power,” maybe watch the embedded videos, follow all supporting website links to research the evidence and then continue past this point once you are more certain about the validity of the information on the law of attraction; read it over and over again until you are TRULY convinced and it will make the rest of this information much more easily comprehended and accepted without hardly any mental resistance, making you more likely to follow through with the desired changes to your life; but please, continue on if you feel SINCERELY confident in the information I have provided or even if you don’t, your choice!

Initially, to get the law of attraction to start working for you there are only two forms of determination needed to alter automatic ways of negative thinking and feeling: the first is mental effort and the second, physical effort:

1. The first is mental effort because well, you have to read all the previous information to get started which provides the understanding that you must be more aware of what you are thinking and feeling to attract what you desire in life.

2. The second form of determination, physical effort simply requires the consistent use of pen and paper or typing into a word processor and PRINTING it out to follow the exercises in the prior and following section (if it stays on the computer without being printed it takes more effort to turn on the computer, have many possible distractions like error messages and then open the program to read it; being on paper makes it quickly observable for repetitive use by simply placing it where you are guaranteed to see it every day).

Using the exercises with the properly invested time and enough energy, the physical effort begins altering your regular ways of thinking and feeling automatically; in the process of putting adequate energy and consistent time into these exercises morning and night, it becomes more effortless to carry out the first form of determination, mental effort to pay attention to those ways of thinking and feeling that need to be changed to attract what you desire in life; the more determination, the stronger it creates a positive emotional thought cycle that naturally grows easier and easier to become aware of for making the desired changes needed in your life! 

Now that you understand that this is all about getting your mind in the right place for motivating your actions to accomplish desired changes, let’s look at another exercise for you to act on to induce more mental changes which will in turn lead to more motivated changes in physically acting.

Next Page: Exercise 2: Emotionally Visualize

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