Now, the law of attraction is not a tool to be used a couple of times upon which you expect everything to fall into place; it is a philosophy, a way of living and thinking that is enlightened to how important the mind is in creating your physical reality. We more often place thoughts in the category of the whimsical and yet fail to understand why our life is not going as planned. As long as we think that thoughts have no direct impact on our way of living, we are destined to follow the emotional ups and downs that are sure to ensue. However, after reading the material I have provided here, you should understand how crucial the mind is in creating your every day physical reality.

Have you  ever mentioned how something was going good, only to knock on wood to hopefully keep the opposite from happening? This is due to the superstition that if something is going good you need to perform an action to keep the opposite from happening; this is you thinking about what you don’t want to happen. The thought goes something like this: “Oh, I mentioned how good something was going, now I need to knock on wood to make sure I didn’t jinx it and it keeps going good.” This is your mind automatically thinking about what you don’t want after mentioning how what you do want is occurring.


This law of attraction philosophy is simply a path toward more positive thinking and feeling which attracts more positive things into your life by way of you automatically behaving from inspired thinking and feeling!

Most law of attraction literature focuses mainly on thoughts, feelings and mental states because true motivation for change starts in the mind. However, most of that literature tends to leave out the part about inspired action, making many believe that the law of attraction will bring everything into their life just by simply thinking and feeling it into existence; this approach also causes many professionals to think of the law of attraction as a pseudoscience.

One must constantly think about what he or she wants, visualize having it and feel the emotions during the visualization. Once this practice is put into place, it inspires your actions automatically to obtain what is wanted.

For example, I wanted to try this out when I first saw “The Secret”, so I decided to constantly focus on getting a USB jump drive. I visualized having the drive, loading my book collection and movies onto it, sharing the information on it with a friend, really feeling the satisfaction and security of having my movies and books on a portable backup drive I could share with others. I had faith that it would come into my life and two to four Weeks later, I just decided to go to my grandmothers where she ended giving me three USB jump drives.


I told myself before trying out the law of attraction that I would give it 90 days to manifest the USB jump drive. During the weeks of visualizing experiences using the jump drive, I knew that the jump drive would be given to me; I had no money and I am no thief, so I knew the only way this jump drive would manifest in my reality would be by someone giving it to me. I had no idea that my grandmother had three jump drives just laying around not being used when I decided to visit her; I’m not entirely clear what motivated me to go see her, maybe to borrow a movie or just to simply visit, but I know for sure I didn’t call and ask if she had any jump drives I could have. I remember the shock and excitement when I looked down at the table and saw the jump drives.


Now, it didn’t take 90 days to manifest but I gave myself such a big window of time so that I was able to give full faith without the doubt of whether it would work as the deadline approached. I thought to myself, “Everyday for four weeks I will be expecting the jump drive to just show up at any minute, like as if I was expecting a friend to show up who called and said he was coming over.” I thought about it like this because when a friend phones and says he is on the way to your house, the expectation is of complete certainty that you will be seeing your friend appear any minute now; sometimes we expect things to happen and they don’t, but when someone says he is coming over, there’s no reason to doubt the expectation of him about to spontaneously appear in the driveway. This mind set allowed me to think of the jump drive like the friend who phoned to say he’s about to spontaneously appear in my presence and the faith I had in my work to manifest the jump drive with repetitive emotionally visualized end results of desired scenarios are like the communication from the friend removing any doubt that he is about to suddenly be in front of me. My consistent daily repetition of the positive emotional visualizations were the calls from the universe that confirmed and removed any doubt that the jump drives would soon be in front of me.


The example of waiting for the friend who phoned to spontaneously appear was used to provide a familiarly similar emotional description of how to think and feel about waiting for the object of desire to just…BOOM!, suddenly be right in front of my eyes. I hope the example was helpful because I think many people struggle most with how to feel certain and without a doubt that what is wanted and desired is on its way, in the process of being shifted into your reality.



Really Feel What it’s Like

If you are visualizing what it would be like to have what you want, how it would feel to experience having what you want, how it would feel to share and experience what you want with the friends or family you see most, what kind of experiences you could have with what it is you want, and if you are feeling intense emotions when visualizing how it would feel like for it to play out having what you want, you are creating a blueprint for your future reality with the visualized scenarios and how strongly you feel the emotions while playing out the situations during visualization is what determines how quickly manifestation happens. If you just imagine the scenarios playing out without having any emotion invested, it is very unlikely that your desire will ever manifest. Emotion is energy in motion, it is what fuels the creation of each individual’s reality. During visualization, your thoughts construct a believable and possible future scenario but for it to become reality, emotions must give energy to the scenario to manifest a future experience.

An experience is only experience when emotion dictates social and physical interactions. Imagining a scenario will give you all the details of what you want to experience, with who, at what time, where, why and even show you the order in which actions take place. It doesn’t become a visualized experience until you see yourself in motion, talking, interacting with others and the environment, and seeing and feeling all emotional reactions from interacting with others and the environment.

Think about this…

Suddenly remove all emotion from our existence and all humans would be lifeless husks, unable to move. Without emotion, happiness, excitement, joy, anxiety, depression, guilt, etc. there would be no motivation to even raise your arm. We are motivated to approach or avoid experience based on its emotional value; if an experience will not bring any emotional reward or consequence, there’s no reason to approach or avoid it and since we don’t know what to strive for or what to run from, we would stay right where we are. Without emotion there would be no reasons for making decisions and we would be as motionless as statues.


Emotion is a crucial ingredient for physically manifesting what you want. If you can’t feel a particular emotion during visualization, try to recall a memory or find a video that influences you to feel the emotion then try to reproduce the sensation and feeling of that emotion over and over again. After you can feel that emotion at will, visualize again with the emotion in place. Repeat this process with any emotions you have difficulty feeling during visualization.

Take at least 10  minutes out of your day to sit somewhere quietly without being disrupted. I go in my room, close my dogs out of the room, turn the cell phone off, T.V. off and I stare at an image of something I want for about two minutes. The more times a day you practice emotionally visualizing, the easier it gets to play out the experiences in detail with intense emotion. After a week of doing visualizations twice a day, the following week I found it easy to imagine it play out with strong emotion within two to three minutes. Since it wasn’t taking as long to watch and feel the visualizations play out in my mind, I found myself visualizing more often and at random throughout the day.


Approach your visualization sessions with sincere excitement and confidence. Find it difficult to get excited and confident about it? If you find it difficult to feel strong excitement and confidence beginning the visualization process each time, I’d have to say you doubt the validity of this process or at the very least don’t have full faith in that what we want to experience in reality can be mentally manifested through repetitiously detailed emotional visualization. If this is the case, I suggest continuing learning about the law of attraction until the mind is better convinced by further understanding. If you really just think you can do this if you put your mind to it, gather an emotional tool collection of photos, videos and objects that inspire different emotions and write which emotion it elicits on it. Using a range of labeled things that inspire each assigned emotion will help you shift emotions more quickly and easily during visualization.


If you are going to do this, then give it your all! What do you have to lose, some quiet alone time spent dreaming of a better life? If you go into this questioning whether it will work, I will tell you up front, it’s not going to work. If you go into this with conviction that this will work, you will not be disappointed, I promise!


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