Styles of Love Scenarios

Scenario 1:

Brandy, a 14-year-old sexually active girl, has a boyfriend named Bobby that she makes priority over everything else in her life; Brandy feels that Bobby is the best thing that has ever happened to her and without him she would be nothing. Many times over the course of Brandy’s relationship she calls her sister crying dramatically to the point where her sister cannot understand what she is trying to say; after Brandy’s sister calms her down, the issue always seems to be that her and Bobby have broken up, and he will not text her back which makes her freak out even more.

Scenario 2:

Mark has recently started college courses online and one of the techniques to help improve one’s understanding of the class material is to discuss it with someone; Jessica is Mark’s wife of 10 years and whenever he has trouble understanding a concept, Jessica is there to discuss and help him with it. By contrast, when Jessica is stressed or has had a bad day, Mark is there to discuss and help her with issues. Mark and Jessica tell everyone that they are the best of friends, as well as lovers.


In scenario one, Brandy believes that Bobby and her share a romantic love due to their sexual attraction for one another, but rather she possesses an excited or possessive love. Brandy is more concerned with the great feelings Bobby provides for her and becomes devastated when she feels close to losing him. In scenario two, Mark and Jessica maintain a selfless love by being there for one another when he or she needs him or her the most; they also share romantic love and friendship. The only similarity in styles of love between the two scenarios is the perceived romantic love in the first scenario and the true romantic love in the second scenario. The differences are that the second scenario has a relationship with selfless love and the first scenario has a relationship consisting of possessive love, which is a selfish love for what a partner can offer the other person.

My styles of love have consisted of romantic, friendship, and selfless love. An example of romantic love in my life consists of when we tell each other that we would not want anyone else besides each other; or that we do not know what we would do without each other. An example of friendship is when we regularly sit down to play cards or video games with each other. An example of selfless love in our relationship is when we are always there to talk to each other, even if I am busy with school work. Since I am in a wheelchair, Angie regularly has to stop doing something so that she can get something for me that I cannot normally get for myself.

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