Who are you?

When this question is asked, do you describe your physical appearance (height, weight, skin, hair and eye color) or do you describe your qualities (kind, always lending a friendly ear to others, etc.)?

Are you just this physical body you see in the mirror everyday? Of course not! You are a mentally complex being of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, intentions and behaviors. Remove the mental, non physical aspect of ourself and there is nothing left but a lifeless shell of a physical body; therefore, who we are is not physical, we are non-physical, we are our mind.

The mind motivates all the behaviors our physical body exhibits. Nothing in our life happens without the mind causing it to happen.

If who we are is our mind, then it is required we know our own mind if we are to accurately answer the question, “who are you?” The problem with this is that it can be difficult to learn about something you can’t see.

Since we can’t see our own mind, it doesn’t get much attention. We may sometimes become aware of our thoughts or feelings in any given moment but we rarely give enough attention as to why we think, feel or behave a certain way.

Every person believes that he or she should be able to answer the question, “who are you?” After all, if the person being asked doesn’t know, who would?

Part of my job as a life coach is to help you learn about who you are, the contents of your mind and how and why it works the way that it does, as well as help you learn how to create desired experiences. Every person’s primary and unspoken goal is to know one’s self and develop to emotional maturity. However, this doesn’t always happen because the mind runs on autopilot and doesn’t require attention, thereby usually going ignored.

Ignoring the mind allows mistakes to go unnoticed and be consistently repeated while emotional distress continues at random.

If you don’t understand the mind, more specifically your own mind, maybe we should talk!


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