Crucial Conscious Mind

Now, I am going to assume that you didn’t watch the two and a half hour video that provided scientific evidence for all the things the mind is capable of because let’s face it, in this fast paced world of living who has the time. So, since your subconscious mind is what controls your automatic ways of thinking, feeling and acting and operates in symbols, images, analogies and metaphors, allow me to offer up an analogy that will allow you to build a mental image for comprehending just how crucial the mind is to creating physical reality; when I use the term reality it encompasses both your physical life and the ways you believe life to be overall (trusting, unfair, bad, good, etc.), whether the belief is a true representation or a false representation that has become emotionally distorted in some way or another.

Analogy of Conscious Creation:
Consider a patient that has been in a coma for the last five years. What kind of physical reality has he or she experienced during that time period? None! This person has been living in the same room laying in a hospital bed for the last five years, void of any physical experience whatsoever. When you consider your life over the past five years, what kind of physical reality have you experienced during this time period? I’m sure you have a multitude of emotional experiences, physical interactions and outcomes that you are aware of. Now, what is the difference that has caused your reality to be full of emotionally varied interactive experiences while the coma patient is unable to even have a single physical experience? You guessed it, your conscious mind!

From the above analogy it is simple to see that the conscious mind is a requirement to create any sort of physical reality because without it, you mind as well stay lying in bed with your eyes closed doing nothing. Over the past years of your life, your conscious mind has been shaping the very physical reality you are experiencing today through thinking, feeling and acting, and continues in shaping your future reality; how you think about something causes you to feel a certain way about it which leads you to choose to act on whether to approach or avoid different opportunities for experience. Now, this may be difficult to understand how your thoughts, emotions and actions are shaping the very reality you will experience in your future, so allow me to explain.

The ways in which we interpret any experience influences how we emotionally think about it and will approach similar experiences in the future; how we think about an experience causes us to feel a certain way about it which then motivates our behavior to approach or avoid it based on those emotional thoughts. Let’s consider the experience of change, for example, if change is thought to be harmful to the routine and habitual stability of your life due to not knowing all the future effects it will cause, this leads you to emotionally experience fear of the unknown which motivates your behavior to choose to avoid it at all costs from fearing the unknown future effects of “harmful” change.

I know some of you may be thinking, “I don’t believe change is harmful” but let me ask you this, how often do you make needed change in your life? The reason you may think that you don’t believe change is harmful has to do with the fact that it may not be your belief alone…

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  1. Analogy. But what about people having experiences in coma or in near death experiences. Check this lady and her reawakening of self.
    And please clarify your last paragraph/conclusion? You produce a theory but don’t elaborate on it.

  2. I definitely know what you mean! I also believe that people have mental experiences within comas. However, the focus here is on the physical reality being created and I have updated my wording to clarify that!

    Thank you for your comment and the feedback!

  3. In regards to my last paragraph, I realized that I needed to put links to the next page on each previous page, as well as end it with “…” to insinuate its continuation; thank you for bringing this to my awareness!

    Your comment and feedback has caused me to make some dramatic changes as to how the flow of information connects from page to page.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and I will be continuously working on improving this section of my site so please continue with your feedback, it is much appreciated, truly!

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