Unlearn for New Learning

Unlearning is a form of learning but is a bit more difficult than just learning because unlearning requires you to learn new information while consciously discarding old contradicting information that you have come to deeply believe in!


What should be unlearned in order to fully utilize the law of attraction?

The answer is simple: you must unlearn the common belief that thoughts have no direct impact on your reality. In our cold, logical society it is unfortunate that human thoughts are often relegated to the level of fantasy and the whimsical. This probably explains why only a fraction of the population is truly happy and content – because not everyone is paying close attention to the emotional thoughts which are manifesting in their own lives.

Some of you might be wondering, “Well, if everybody learns this secret, isn’t there not going to be enough to go around?” or “If I constantly get everything I want, isn’t that going to make me selfish, spoiled and greedy?”

First, there has been a lie planted like a seed in the collective mind of the world that acts like a disease; it’s that there just isn’t enough to go around but this is completely FALSE! Those in power that control the resources and general population have perpetuated this lie and been successful because this 1% of the population earns approximately 96% of the money, leaving others to struggle and suffer while they benefit most. Second, life is meant to be abundant; just look around at the world and notice the billions of products available to you with the click of a button. Consciousness, which is REQUIRED to create all these things, is exposing this abundance to us by allowing us to observe this through the evolution of its technological effect on reality; that the purpose of the conscious mind is that of abundant and complex creation. Third, not everybody wants exactly the same things in life and we don’t need to worry if things will run out because of our unique individual desires. Fourth, selfishness and greed stem from believing that there is not enough for everyone, so if everyone was to learn the law of attraction, everyone would have all that they desired and everyone would be happily satisfied. Fifth, being spoiled is caused by a lack of gratitude and appreciation; as long as you are aware that YOU are manifesting your own reality, are grateful for everything you attract into your life and appreciate your innate ability to manifest your desired reality, becoming spoiled is of no concern at all!

As children we are taught that the world does not answer to us, we answer to the world. This is NOT true when it comes to utilizing the law of attraction and we are NOT bound by this way of thinking. Instead, our thinking must focus on the fact that the resources of the world answer to us so that we can achieve what we want in life.

A little hard to swallow? Simply think about the Native Americans before Columbus discovered the new land for a second; this culture of people did not answer to the world’s vast rules and demands from man-made society, they respectfully used the resources of the natural world to obtain what they wanted; the world provided and answered to them. A modern example of the world answering to us can be seen in how we can have anything delivered to our residence, we don’t even have to leave our home anymore to shop for material objects, go to college, renew a drivers license, take certain tests for occupational certifications and many other things.

Another example, and the most apparent evidence, is when we are first born into physical reality; as an infant raised in a healthy environment, we simply cry with such great emotion that our parents run to check on us. We express great emotional energy through crying and what we need is attracted to us very quickly until our social environment conditions and reinforces us to believe that we answer to the world because the world has taught our parents to teach us this as we grow up; before we are taught this wrong way of thinking and feeling, we are born into physical reality without this false information that we answer to the world and use our emotional energy naturally to quickly attract to us what we desire. Since our basic desires as a healthy infant are contained in a lie free and uncluttered mind that’s either desiring food, a diaper change or simply loving affection, our emotional energy is strongly connected to and aligned with the few clear thoughts we possess at this time in our life which makes our desires attracted to us much more quickly when we physically express and act with strong emotional energy!

Unfortunately, as a newborn, a built-in condition of physical reality is to learn that we must express the negative emotion of crying to attract what we desire. However, if we didn’t begin with this negative way of expressing what we are thinking and feeling as a newborn to attract what we desire, we wouldn’t have a basis for unlearning this and then learning with the evolved mind of an adult that we MUST express positive emotional thoughts to attract what we desire. For example, you can’t have the good (positive) without the bad (negative) because the experience of what’s bad lets us know what it feels like to experience the good so that we may be sincerely grateful and appreciate it when we are capable of physically experiencing what is good, otherwise we would take advantage of what is good without the experience of knowing how bad it truly could be!

It would appear that, from birth, we are meant to learn about the more negative dimension of physical reality filled with experiences of hopeless pain, lack, hate and suffering so that we can adaptively overcome this and evolve as adults for unlearning this in order to learn about the more positive dimension of nonphysical reality containing vast amounts of new possibilities, infinite abundance, consciousness (the mind), spirituality, peace, love, acceptance, etc. to manifest these types of experiences into the dimension of our current physical reality, which we are actually doing now. The more we come to understand the more positive nonphysical dimension of reality, the once more negative dimension of physical reality is now becoming a more positive physical realm of reality.

This isn’t simply wishful thinking or an unrealistic ideal that I have made up to prove my point because if you check the following links to the FBI website, you will see that the violent crime rate has STEADILY DECREASED over the past 10 years (http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2010/crime-in-the-u.s.-2010/tables/10tbl01.xls and http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/table-1).

We are becoming a more peaceful and consciously aware society; many look at the negativity in their local environments and make judgments about the condition of the entire human population based on this but this is inaccurate because your local environments are only a TINY portion of the world at large! Some may think, “well, the news shows it all over the world!” This is because news stations choose to focus mostly on drama, death and destruction because it SELLS; for evidence of this statement simply count how many negative topics are focused on in comparison to more neutral or positive topics without counting the weather and sports! Heck, the television station TNT makes the advertising claim that “we know drama”; a television station dedicated to those addicted to drama!

A good portion of people, due to their upbringing, are addicted to drama because it gives them some sense of excitement (normally a positive emotion). They never learned or experienced the proper way to think about the appropriate things to be excited for, such as those raised in physically and/or mentally abusive families, so this is their automatic way of trying to experience the positive emotion of excitement by focusing on the drama which brought about emotional excitement in their past in the form of common chaotic physical and/or mental interactions at home; causing a learned addiction to drama!

Now, we could sit here for days talking about what beliefs NEED to be unlearned but there is a simple way for you to determine which beliefs MUST be discarded; if a long-standing thought tells you that you can’t do it or that it can’t be done, that particular belief is a limiting belief and should be unlearned and completely discarded; because the more this belief becomes ingrained in you, the more negativity it will bring into your life.

New Learning:

Since scientists, after many centuries and modern medical advancement, still have been unable to specify any one part of the brain as the source of producing our conscious mind, we are now beginning to realize that the brain acts more like a receiver capable of being tuned into the frequency signal that is consciousness rather than the brain being the source of producing the conscious mind.

Think of yourself like a transmitter dish – you are capable of sending and receiving frequency signals; you generate signals with the right frequency and these identical frequencies of the desired emotional thought signals will find the way back to you, much like how the news stations use sent and received frequency signals to account for how many viewers tune into their program; as I was talking to a Fox 4 employee yesterday, I asked her, “how do the news stations know how many people are watching during air time, do our televisions send out some sort of signal?”

She explained that, yes, the news stations broadcast a specific frequency to the televisions, which then send that same frequency back to give them feedback as to how many people are tuned into their broadcast frequency. She also explained that due to interference from various large metal structures and other competing frequencies all throughout the air, the news stations allow for a 20% margin in error; in other words, their frequency feedback to know how many viewers are watching at that time is approximately 80% accurate.

However, unlike signals from man-made devices, the frequency signals emanating from your mind have NO limit and just as news stations send a frequency signal to the television that sends the same frequency signal back for the news station to receive feedback, your conscious mind is sending out a cognitive (thought) frequency signal to “something” that is sending that same frequency signal back to you in the form of emotional feedback; your emotional thoughts are able to directly communicate with the universe due to an all encompassing subtle energy field of cosmic consciousness, a deity, a higher power, a God, or whatever label you want to give it that connects all conscious minds throughout the universe.

I prefer the term the energy field of cosmic consciousness as it does not entail any dogma associated with religion which I believe leads people to Atheism due to the anthropomorphism of this conscious energy into a white bearded ball-headed man sitting next to Jesus; some have termed it the akashic records because it is the subtle energy field in which all experience, mathematics, laws, etc. are stored throughout the universe to keep it functioning orderly. I honestly believe Eastern Religious Philosophy had it more accurate when they described this energy as the life force, chi, qi, or prana.

This all encompassing energy field of cosmic consciousness also allows for there to be a collective consciousness (a proven connection between all minds/http://noosphere.princeton.edu/) here on Earth and is why the American Government even considered funding Project Stargate which provided conclusive evidence that one’s conscious mind is not confined to their physical body through experiments involving subjects remote viewing objects accurately that, for example, may be in another country. In other words, a subject at a government facility in America could connect to the conscious mind of another subject that was viewing a specific object in as far away as another country and accurately describe what object was being viewed by the subject in the other country. To support this statement and for further information about this government project visit: http://www.fas.org/irp/program/collect/stargate.htm

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If you are Atheist, click here (Atheism).


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