Love Styles


According to Sternberg, a person can experience eight general types of love. In the following table, a type of love as identified by Sternberg is in the left column. In the center column, write the combination of components that type of love demonstrates (intimacy, passion, or commitment). In the right column, fill in the characteristics for the corresponding type of love.


Type of Love Components Characteristics
Non Love Absent Casual interactions
Liking Intimacy alone true friendship withoutpassion or long-term


Infatuation Passion alone passionate, obsessive loveat first site without intimacy

or commitment

Empty Love Commitment alone commitment to remaintogether without intimacy

or passion

Romantic Love Intimacy + passion lovers physically andemotionally attracted

to each other but

without commitment,

as in a summer romance

Companionate Love Intimacy + commitment long-term committedfriendship such as a

marriage in which the

passion has faded

Fatuous Love Passion + commitment commitment based onpassion but without time

for intimacy to develop—

shallow relationship such

as a whirlwind courtship

Consummate Love Intimacy + passion + commitment a complete love consistingof all three components—

an ideal difficult to attain


This table comes straight from a textbook.


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