Understanding the Law

Basically the law of attraction states that “like attracts like” by virtue of your emotionally charged thoughts which emit a frequency out into reality (this has been scientifically measured and proven/watch video “Hidden Mind Science” in previous section “The Secret Power“). The law of attraction doesn’t discriminate between good emotional thoughts or bad emotional thoughts, it simply brings you what you think and feel most about; if you always think and feel, “I don’t want this,” it’s going to bring you what you don’t want because this is the emotional image of the reality you repeatedly focus on that it continually receives, so it’s EXTREMELY important for us to consistently focus on what we do want rather than what we don’t!

Thought Interpretations by the Law of Attraction:

  • Thought: “I don’t want to have a bad day.”

    Transmitted: “I really want to have a bad day.”

  • Thought: “I don’t want my computer to break down.”

   Transmitted: “I really want my computer to break down.”

  • Thought: “I don’t want to miss my flight.”

    Transmitted: “I really want to miss my flight.”

  • Thought: “I don’t want my car to break down.”

    Transmitted: “I really want my car to break down.”

  • Thought: “I really don’t need to be smoking this cigarette.”

Transmitted: “I really need to keep smoking this cigarette.”

  • Thought: “Don’t ever speak to me in that manner again.”

     Transmitted: “I really want you to speak to me in that manner and I like others to do the same.”

At first, these look like a bunch of thoughts and the opposites of what you are thinking but this is the point; if you’re thinking about what you don’t want, the law of attraction receives that frequency signal and brings what you are thinking about to you, so the transmitted signals above seem like opposites but are the actual signal you are sending out to the universe for it to send back to you. The law of attraction doesn’t discriminate that the word “don’t ” is in the thought, it simply brings you the entire thought you focus on the most.

Just like that it doesn’t matter if you’re a good person or a bad person, you jump off a building, you are going to hit the ground either way because the law of gravity doesn’t discriminate and follows the principles and dimensions built into it! You always think and feel bad things, you get bad things; you always think and feel good things, you’re going to have good circumstances come your way. Now, when I say always think and feel, it is only to make my point definitively clear; ‘mostly’ is more the proper term instead of ‘always,’ but you all get the point!

Becoming Aware of Emotional Thoughts

Emotion and thought are two sides of the same coin and cannot exist without one another, just some thoughts have more of an emotional impact than others; when I use the word “thought” alone you can safely assume that it is always connected to the experience of emotions as well but I will be using the words “emotional thoughts” as a frequent reminder. It is estimated that the human mind has approximately 60,000 thoughts a day, so there’s no way for us to constantly know what we’re always thinking in attempt to change the ways we think; this is where your emotions come in! There are basically two types of emotion to consider, good and bad. Love, faith, gratitude, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, trust, patience, etc. all feel good no matter what label the specific circumstance calls for; while fear, hate, greed, anger, resentment, jealousy, frustration, anxiousness, etc. all feel bad.

Our emotions are a guidance system that let us know if what we are thinking is in line with what is truly desired in our life. If you’re frequently feeling bad and negative, you know that your thoughts are not projecting the right images of the reality you desire in life and will be attracting bad and negative circumstances but if you feel good and positive, then you can be sure your thoughts are focused in the right direction, on the more positive things that you do want!

However, for most people the mind is a cluttered cluster of thoughts that they are barely aware of most the time and the ways that they feel seem to happen without any choice as if on autopilot and not under their control; we come to feel that our emotions are on autopilot because physical things in our lives seem to be the only cause of the emotions we experience, such as television, other people and all external circumstances that we constantly REACT to, which bring us to ignore the fact that we are capable of choosing to ACT for emotion comes from inside you and can be controlled, it simply takes some practice due to our primary focus on the external physical reality.

For example, while alone in a quiet room you recall the memory of an experience that was so funny that you can’t help laughing out loud or at least strongly feeling the positive emotion enough to become aware of it and the associated mental image; initially, the past experience may have caused the strong emotional reaction but it is your action alone of feeling that emotion from memory that produced it in the present (GREAT technique to switch your focus from something more negative to something more positive, just always know which specific and strongly positive emotional memory you can use in such instances). Fortunately, there are simple exercises that can get the mind focused on what it does want and acquire the associated emotions required to manifest these things into reality!

Sound too good to be true? Well, I GUARANTEE you that it’s not!!!!

However, one of the most basic misconceptions about the law of attraction is that it is an instant source of gratification or happiness; it is not. The law of attraction is not the fountain of youth nor is it the sorcerer’s stone, from which people can draw gold and the elixir of life. The law of attraction is not magic nor is it any form of witchcraft or ‘new age nonsense’.

The law seems mystical to many people because our logical and rational thinking prevents us from seeing the larger truth behind reality: everything within the realm of the real is there due to people manifesting those things; EVERY inspirational thought or idea of inventors and architects began as a detailed visualization in their nonphysical imaginations before being manifested into physical reality. Believe in the primacy of the law of attraction so that all other forms of thinking and rationality become secondary to the law of attraction. For example, when a great leader takes control of a struggling nation, he manifests changes to transform the whole nation; his thoughts are transformed into reality!

Still a little skeptical, ask yourself: Why is my life this way? Why is my life better than others or why are other people more successful in their life than me? Your life now is the direct result of what you have thought before. Continuous focus on dominant past thoughts, present thoughts and future thoughts all have a direct impact on your life.

The Impact of Thoughts

Now, not every single thought has a great impact on your life, such as the thought “hmmm……I am going to get a donut this morning” or any other trivial thoughts like it; this is one of the two types of thought called non-dominant thoughts. The other type is dominant thoughts and these are the ones we want to focus on because they have far reaching consequences in our lives and are always with you, even when you sleep; examples of such thoughts concern those of spirituality, physical appearance, socially appropriate behaviors, money, relationships, occupation, residential situation, health, etc.

However, if the non-dominant thought “hmmm……I am going to get a donut this morning” leads you to obtain that donut and afterwards think “Man, I didn’t need to eat that sugary donut because I don’t eat healthy, I’ve been feeling fat and I need to lose weight,” then we have a non-dominant thought causing a dominant thought that greatly impacts your life by negatively focusing on your physical appearance with consideration to socially appropriate standards for what is considered the foods for better health by thinking how eating the unhealthy food negatively impacts your physical appearance that you don’t feel is the social ideal of attractiveness in thinking “I need to lose weight,” which can then cause a negative focus on attracting a romantic relationship and concern for your overall health in thinking “I don’t eat healthy”!

This non-dominant thought in a person with healthier habits and a more positive self-esteem would have experienced a simple non-dominant thought without any negative emotional impact but it was the result of poorly learned eating habits which led to other thoughts that negatively focused on  four of the eight types of dominant thought examples I mentioned just before the above paragraph; non-dominant thoughts can be associated with behavioral habits that people don’t want to continue doing but continue doing anyways because afterwards they have thoughts about how they should not have done it or do not want to do it, bringing their minds to keep focusing on thoughts of that negative reality and the law of attraction keeps their reality the same as they continue thinking about what they don’t want. You may be wondering, “well, all we really need to do is choose to behave in better ways, right?” If it was that simple, everybody would just stop smoking and every other habitual behavior causing them to feel negatively toward themselves for not being able to stop although they feel deep down they want to or know that they should, they just simply fail to focus on detailed emotional thoughts about what they do want with consistent sensory visualization repeated daily in the imagination!

Sensory Visualization

Sensory visualization simply means imagining in detail what you want by applying certain aspects of sight (vivid color, clearly edged shapes, movements, interactions, environments, wardrobe details of yourself and others, shadows, light reflective surfaces, etc.), touch (smooth, rough, bumpy, sharp, cold, hot, hard, soft, moist, dry, the wind blowing over your skin making hair move, etc.), taste (hunger, texture of food as it’s chewed or anything the tongue moves against, bitter, sweet, sour), smell (associated with things like fresh cut grass outside, flowers, scents certain people usually have by using cologne, perfumes, shampoos, body washes, deodorants or washing detergents used on their clothes, the inside of a new car, etc.) and hearing (voices and tone of voice changes in specifically worded conversations, sounds of any kind of door closing, the noise your shoes make on whatever surface you walk across or noises made when you sit on different types of surfaces, different emotional expressions like crying/laughing and your emotional reactions to them as well, all possible noises of driving in a car, etc.). These kinds of sensory details will help you feel the emotional experience of what is being imagined as it is played out in your mind!

It’s easier to think about what we don’t want because it is something we observe in detail from daily experiences in our physical reality with our five senses, while thinking about what we do want cannot be physically observed from our daily life because it has not been personally experienced or obtained yet, that’s why it’s considered wanted! It’s MUCH more difficult to have emotional thoughts in GREAT detail about experiences you want when you haven’t had the experiences with your five senses in the past to physically encounter what kind of detailed scenarios would follow from having what you want; makes it hard for the mind to continuously focus daily on what is wanted through detailed sensory visualizations in the imagination alone, especially when we believe that these desired scenarios being visualized will never go beyond the imagination into the physical world! We often hear the phrase “Oh, it’s all in your imagination,” exposing the popular belief that what is contained in the imagination is only imaginary, nonexistent or impossible but as I have said and will continue to say, our country today ONLY existed in the imaginations of the founding fathers first before their thoughts were fully manifested into physical reality!

Before we get into visualizing what you want, let’s try a simple daily exercise that can begin shifting your negative emotional state of lack in your life to a more positive state of abundance that already exists in your life.


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