“I Have to See It to Believe It” Attitude

This is probably one of the most annoying aspects of human personality developed in a materialistically oriented society focused only on what can be physically observed and are quick to discard the rest of which cannot be observed. I feel that I am a logical and scientifically minded person even though I entertain the possibility in the existence of extraterrestrial beings; with new and evolving information on how vast our universe is and the various multitude of galaxies contained within it, I assert that it would be illogical for me to believe that we are the only conscious beings in this seemingly infinite universe. The sheer magnitude of our universe has warranted many scientists to support the notion that we cannot be alone in such a big space where there are infinite possibilities of intelligent life existing.

I personally believe that our ancestors dealt directly with extraterrestrial beings in our remote history; there are more UFO sightings in the world today than there has ever been at any other time. My belief in Aliens has provided me many opportunities for social ridicule from some of my close friends that, in the face of facts, fail to adjust their perspective after I provide evidence of video documentation broadcasting on national news networks UFO lights and movements which caught the attention of many citizens, making it easier to believe and validate since a mass of people observed it; an example of a UFO sighting that caught the attention of practically an entire city has been recorded in a documentary titled “The Phoenix Lights.” The Governor of Phoenix even validates the existence of the UFO phenomena with supporting comments that the event occurred. My friends will often recite the famous line, “I have to see it to believe it,” when I bring up extraterrestrials but even after I provide evidence for them to see it, they still have trouble believing it.

What is annoying about this attitude is that it is hypocritical and biased in nature; there are so many things that we will never have the technology to observe in our every day lives because what we are trying to observe is microscopic. Take the cells behaving throughout your body; how can you be certain that your knowledge of how your cells are behaving inside the body are accurate??? We can’t see it to believe it and verify it at any time; we have to take the word of scientists and “professionals.” Same goes for frequency waves; we can’t see them to verify their existence but we believe they truly exist based on what “professionals” tell us.

Heck, from the viewpoint of this hypocritical attitude, one cannot believe that the mind exists because it can’t be seen. However, we know that the mind does exist as a result of our experiences with it in the past and present. This last sentence should provide sound logic as to why this attitude should be abandoned altogether when we consider this perspective in light of the conscious mind.

Anyone who regularly subscribes to this expression of attitude would do best to refrain from its use entirely!


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