The Secret Power

This section is dedicated to understanding how to utilize the law of attraction to your benefit but first, some prior understanding is needed to better comprehend how the law of attraction can work for you.

Many professionals and laymen alike have dismissed the power of thought and emotion in scientific inquiry as to how these mental aspects crucially and powerfully influence our daily lives until recently. Psychology, which is associated most as being a science of the mind, originally started out researching and experimenting with behavior because the mind was not an externally observable aspect that could be used in experimentation, measured, verified and reproduced objectively through the use of the scientific method by future scientists.

When Einstein and many other physicists stumbled onto the observer effect that began paving the way for quantum physics and quantum psychology at a 1926 conference, those in positions of power that controlled what the public is allowed to know became frightened of losing their power and control over the population if this scientific finding was released to the public; results showing that the emotional thoughts and expectations of the scientists’ minds were influencing the outcomes of experiments, that the principle of mind over matter was validated through experimental evidence, revealed the true power of the mind, also revealing that the methodology of mainstream science has never been TRULY objective even though it aimed for and claimed it to be and brought awareness to the collective consciousness’ influence on reality (all this will be further explained in the section “Ditching Dualism“).

Here is a video of the scientific experiment, called the double-slit experiment, narrated by world renowned Quantum Physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf a.k.a Dr. Quantum, which explains the experiment that led Einstein, Bohr, Planck and other physicists to understand the observer effect and the true power of the mind (I know this is a cartoon but that is only so that even the laymen can comprehend it; research the double-slit experiment further for official scientific documentation):

The main thing to take from the above video is that particles, which we once believed to be only microscopically solid balls of matter and make-up every living and non-living thing in the world, are actually little balls of energy traveling through reality on vibrational waves when consciousness is not involved and only behaved solidly when the conscious mind’s of the researchers, with their mentally constructed beliefs and expectations that particles are solid, observed them; the researchers couldn’t see and had no knowledge of the invisible vibrational waves in their beliefs and expectations so that when they observed the particles, their conscious minds collapsed the wave function out of reality. Here is a two and a half hour documentary to support all that I’m asserting here:


If for some reason you are unable to watch the videos due to technical issues with your browser, download one of the ones I provide here; my internet explorer 9 (64-bit version) wouldn’t play the videos, but my google chrome does and after updating to version 10, so does my internet explorer 64-bit (Google Chrome, IE9, IE10 or Firefox).


This video is DEFINITELY worth watching but if you don’t have the time or patience, the next few pages explain the importance of the conscious mind; but I strongly RECOMMEND watching the above video if you have the time and patience because most of us are better visual learners, so watching the video will help with fully comprehending the truly amazing abilities of the mind!

Before getting into the law of attraction and how you can use it to your benefit, it’s extremely important that you understand how crucial the conscious mind is to creating your physical reality, how your mind’s emotional thoughts motivate your behavior that creates your physical reality and the negative influences that have directed the majority of the mind’s focus on things we don’t want rather than on things we do want.

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